why hafa ?

Recognized as a manufacturer and a partner in finding the most suitable material handling solution in the hoist and crane industry, Hafa Hoists, provides a wide variety of lifting solutions for varied industrial applications.

Hafa specializes in engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance of wire rope hoists, cranes, and customized material handling solutions
Hafa understands its client’s requirement in all aspects from structural design to special attachments to create well-engineered material handling solutions. 
Our partnership with our clients does not end with the commissioning and installation of hoisting solution. We also help our clients with the on-going care, repairs, and modernizations of their hoisting solutions.

Together We Can

Hafa is not only a manufacturer or seller of hoists and cranes. Our focus has always been on the solution. Understanding the client needs, we focus on providing a complete hoisting solution.
We partner early with the client to craft a solution that meets their needs and at the same time helps them reduce project and operation costs.

Excellence Through Expertise

Our in-depth expertise in hoisting solutions and related products helps us in identifying the problem areas and finding the right solution built on best practices to your industry.
HAFA understands 'technology' and 'solution' differently. While the technology is used to find a unique and reliable solution to the clients hoisting needs, The solution consists of meeting client's 'business needs' taking into consideration procurement cost, maintenance cost and overall the total cost of ownership.