chain hoists

“HAFA Hoists”,
a well known Hoists and Cranes manufacturer, with more than 24 years experience in Wire Rope Hoists and Cranes manufacturing, are pleased to introduce new Streamlined, Compact Electric Chain Hoist of 125kg and 250 kg capacity. Only Hafa Electric Chain Hoists in this capacity range are offered with Conical Rotor Motor in India. The Conical Rotor Motor is one hour rated and it eliminates additionally mounted conventional E.M Brake. The specialized Conical Rotor Motor makes the hoist Compact, Light in Weight, eliminates brake problems thus offering a Trouble Free Performance. Hafa Electric Chain Hoist can also be offered with Dual Speed as optional.

The chain used is an Alloy Steel Load chain of ‘Pewag” make and is Imported from Austria.
This Load Chain ensures Safe Lifting and Longer Life. Specially designed Safety Clutch protects Hoist from Overloading, Over hoisting, and Over lowering.

Hoist is suitable for Production applications and offers Trouble Free performance.